This is pretty much an expository math blog. As a Ph.D. student in pure mathematics, I’ve learned a lot over the past several years, and I enjoy explaining it to others. But this is often hard to do in conversation—usually the question is something like “What are you working on?” and there are dozens of prerequisites I would have to go through before I could really answer that question. Either I just give up and change the subject, or I end up hijacking the conversation and turning it into a tutoring session. This represents a third alternative: write about it instead, and tell people where they can find it if they’re interested.

My first plan was actually to write a textblook on some specific subject like calculus. I may still get around to that someday—in fact, I’d like to incorporate a lot of that content into this blog—but for now I prefer to remain free to write about whatever strikes my fancy at the moment, without worrying about how it fits into the overall sequence.

I don’t intend to include any sort of original work on here, and probably not even anything cutting-edge. This blog is intended for serious lay people: I might assume some understanding of arithmetic or even basic algebra, but that’s about it. Mostly I’m hoping to give people a taste of what exactly it is that mathematicians do all day.


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