Link love: The Unapologetic Mathematician

My next real post will be a bit delayed, probably until tomorrow. In the meantime, those of you who don’t know it already ought to check out John Armstrong’s excellent blog, The Unapologetic Mathematician. He’s essentially doing the same thing I am, except that he’s been at it since 2007 and so already has plenty for you to read. If you try to start the front page you may find yourself lost—best to return to the beginning and work your way forward.

Which brings me to a question: Is there a way I can avoid ending up in the same situation? What John has done is very impressive and valuable: it’s possible, using only his site, to build up a pretty solid appreciation for modern mathematics from scratch. But I suspect most of his new readers aren’t the “outsiders” he started with.

I’d like to imagine that, three years from now, a bright high school student will still be able to discover my blog and understand most of what he sees on the front page. Advice and thoughts on accomplishing this are welcome.


One response to “Link love: The Unapologetic Mathematician

  1. Regarding the accessibility of your blog I feel you’re doing a commendable job in that respect already, and the best way to continue with it is just to, when discussing complicated concepts, link back to earlier material where you discuss the more basic principles needed to understand them. As long as a reasonable person could be expected to understand any front-page material by following your internal links I think you’ll have achieved your goal. At any rate, you’re doing a wonderful job of educating this liberal arts graduate who never found mathematics particularly engaging as a high school student.

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